At Manse Medical our vision is to provide the highest level of care for patients with respiratory and sleep disorders.

Manse Medical is the premier respiratory and sleep medical practice in western Victoria and south-east South Australia.

Lung function testing, attended Level-1 sleep studies, Level-2 home sleep tests and a network of community CPAP therapy providers form the high quality services provided by Manse Medical.

Specialist medical consultations are complemented by the telehealth program which offers general practitioners and patients an innovative and convenient starting point to better health.

Manse Medical has a team of physicians, respiratory and sleep technologists and nursing staff who are committed to helping you breathe well, sleep well and achieve a quality, healthy life.

Latest Articles

New Ballarat Services Posted By 07/09/2016

We are very pleased to announce that we have added a new outpatient Sleep and Respiratory Disorders Centre in Ballarat, which will compliment the existing private inpatient service. This new centre will offer Level-1 Sleep Studies for our non-insured community, helping avoid travel to Melbourne and joining public waiting lists. This service, along with our fully bulk-billed… Full Article >>

Lung Cancer Screening Posted By 24/08/2016

Lung cancer is the number-one cancer killer of both men and women in Australia.  While prostate cancer is more common in men, and breast cancer more common in women, neither of these cancers causes as many deaths as lung cancer. ‘Screening’ programs exist for both prostate and breast cancer.  Is there any evidence that investigation… Full Article >>

Cough Posted By 24/08/2016

Coughing is a protective mechanism that helps to keep our airways clear so we can breathe easily. Coughing stops us from choking, it helps us to clear excess mucus and dust from our lungs. But a cough that lingers can impact your lifestyle and general health and wellbeing. So how should you manage a cough… Full Article >>


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The Ballarat practice is open 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday


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