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Manse Medical is the premier Respiratory and Sleep Medical Practice in Western Victoria and South-East South Australia, providing specialist care to patients with respiratory and sleep disorders.

We specialise in lung function testing, attended Level-1 sleep studies, Level-2 home sleep tests and a network of community CPAP therapy support services. 


Additionally, specialist medical consultations at Manse Medical are complemented by the Telehealth Program, which offers GPs and patients an innovative and convenient starting point to better health. We are committed to helping patients breathe well, sleep well and achieve a quality, healthy life.

Meet our team of physicians

Dr Andrew Bradbeer is the lead physician and medical director at Manse Medical, working as a specialist in respiratory and sleep medicine in Western Victoria and the South East of South Australia since 2004.

Dr Bradbeer sees patients at Manse Medical practices and supervises the Manse Medical network of lung function testing facilities, sleep centres and home sleep testing locations throughout the region. Dr Bradbeer also heads the respiratory inpatient unit at Western District Health Services.

Dr Bradbeer is an experienced specialist physician who is known for his drive to develop high-quality services in locations that are accessible to people who live remotely from major cities. Together with his colleagues at Manse Medical, he enjoys collaborating with regional hospitals, primary healthcare networks, general practices and other community providers of healthcare services towards this shared goal.

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Dr Eduardo Gaio is a specialist physician in respiratory and sleep medicine. Dr Gaio works at Manse Medical centres in Warrnambool and Hamilton, as well as private and public hospitals in those towns. Dr Gaio has also recently begun consulting in Geelong.

Dr Gaio completed his specialty training in intensive care medicine and respiratory medicine at the University of Brasilia, Brazil.  His qualifications include a masters in sleep medicine from Pablo de Olavide University, Spain, and a PhD in medical sciences from the University of Brasilia.

Dr Gaio has completed post-doctoral studies in the world-renowned department of physiology at the University of California in San Diego. He has supervised post-graduate researchers at the University of Brasilia.  Dr Gaio has made significant contributions to academic research and has numerous publications in medical journals. He held an associate professor position at the University of Brasilia prior to commencing work at Manse Medical in December 2016.

Dr Gaio is an accomplished clinician and researcher and we are privileged to have him on our clinical team at Manse Medical.

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Dr Nader Fayazi is a General Medicine and Respiratory Medicine Specialist in Ballarat. Dr Fayazi consults at Manse Medical and at St John of God Hospital. He also visits Western District Health Service and Manse Medical in Hamilton.

Dr Fayazi studied Internal Medicine and Respiratory Medicine in Tehran, Iran. He moved to Australia with his family in 2018 after working for 16 years as a specialist physician in Bandar Abbas. He has held several positions at the Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences, including Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Manager of the Internal Medicine Department. Dr Fayazi joined Manse Medical in 2018.

Dr Fayazi is experienced in the management of complicated and critically ill patients. He is a passionate medical educator and is expert at pulmonary procedures, including bronchoscopy and pleural procedures.

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Dr Mai Altous - April 2020.jpg

Dr Mai Altous is a Respiratory Medicine Consultant in Ballarat and Hamilton. Previously, Dr Altous was a Respiratory Consultant at King Hussein Cancer Centre and a full time Lecturer & Research Assistant at the University of Jordan Faculty of Medicine. 

Dr Altous completed four years basic & advanced training in Jordan University Hospital where she specialised in General Medicine. She then completed advanced training in a thoracic medicine fellowship and passed the Jordan Pulmonary Board exams and (HERMES) European Diploma of Adult Respiratory Medicine.  

Dr Altous worked as a respiratory advanced trainee at Royal Adelaide Hospital, with broad experience in interventional respiratory and sleep medicine, before completing one year as an ICU registrar and junior respiratory physician at Monash Medical Centre. 

Dr. Altous has special interests in lung cancer, interventional respirology and severe asthma patients. She has numerous publications and research in the respiratory infections field. 

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ABN 68 608 659 203


Ballarat Practice

Telephone: 03 5331 7600

Fax: 03 5331 8062 

Email: ballaratadmin@mansemedical.com.au 

Location: 4 Talbot Street South, Ballarat VIC 3350

Postal: PO Box 604, Ballarat West LPO VIC 3350


Operating Hours: The Ballarat practice is open 8.30 am – 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday

Hamilton Practice

Telephone: 03 5571 1822

Fax: 03 5571 1859

Email: admin@mansemedical.com.au 

Location: 115 Lonsdale Street, Hamilton VIC 3300

Postal: PO Box 573, Hamilton VIC 3300


Operating Hours: The Hamilton practice is open 8.30 am – 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday

Warrnambool Practice

Telephone: 03 5571 1822

Fax: 03 5571 1859

Email: admin@mansemedical.com.au

Location: 2 Fitzroy Road, Warrnambool VIC 3280

Postal: PO Box 573, Hamilton VIC 3300

Operating Hours: The Hamilton practice is open 8.30 am – 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday

Geelong Practice

Telephone: 03 5571 1822

Fax: 03 5571 1859

Email: admin@mansemedical.com.au 

Location: Epworth Hospital, Suite 6.10, 1 Epworth Place, Waurn Ponds VIC 3216


​Sleep Disorder Centre Locations



Sleep Health Group

208 Skipton Street, Ballarat VIC 3350



Hamilton Sleep Disorder Centre

3 Kitchener Street, Hamilton VIC 3300


​St John of God Hospital Warnambool

136 Botanic Road, Warrnambool VIC 3280



Epworth Geelong Sleep Lab
1 Waurn Ponds Dr, Waurn Ponds VIC 3216


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