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Manse Medical is a private billing clinic. Consulting Doctors at Manse Medical operate independently and bill under their own ABN at their own discretion. Manse Medical accept payment on behalf of Consulting Doctors. Please note the below:

  • Full payment is required for your consultation.  Patients attending one of our consulting locations in person will be required to pay on the day.
  • Patients booking a Telehealth appointment with one of our physicians will be required to pay at the time of booking and the payment will be held as a deposit until the time of your appointment. When you attend the appointment, this deposit will be used as your consultation payment.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment, you must do so with at least 24 hours notice. If you have made a prepayment, the amount will be fully refunded or transferred to a future appointment booking. Failure to attend your appointment, or cancellation within 24 hours of the appointment, may result in this fee being forfeited.
    Fees can vary, based on the length of time taken for each consultation, the complexity, and the determination of the Consulting Doctors.  Consultation fees are determined by individual Consulting Doctors.
  • We endeavour to inform patients about potential out-of-pocket fees on services provided within our Practice and for other referred services.

Please check with your Consulting Doctors or receptionist if you have any further questions.

Paying an Account

If you receive an account from Manse Medical which indicates you have an unpaid amount, payment should be made at your earliest convenience; via one of the methods listed below.

Our payment methods:

  • EFTPOS & Credit Card
  • Card payment link provided by Manse Medical via SMS or email.
  • Electronic bank transfer via PayID – secure payment via your online banking which will be verified on transfer by the appearance of our trading name.
  • Pin Payments can be processed by clicking here.


Pay ID information:

  • For appointments and testing at Manse Medical Ballarat, Warrnambool, Coolaroo, Geelong, Hobart locations; and Hamilton (Sleep Centre):
    Manse Medical PayID:  68608659203
  • For appointments and testing at Manse Medical Sunshine location:
    Manse Medical Sunshine PayID: 41667220019


If you have any questions regarding the account or would like to be provided with a payment link, please email or contact Manse Medical on 1300 626 730.

Note: Please be advised that Manse Medical operates as a cashless clinic. Only the methods listed above are accepted for payment. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Diagnostic Services

Manse Medical provides a variety of diagnostic services such as in-lab and home sleep testing. Due to the higher cost of these services, we allow patients to pay the gap amount only when booking.

After the service is provided, we will invoice you for the service and place the account through to Medicare under your name. In these cases, a Medicare cheque will be sent to you but is addressed to the reporting Doctor. Please deliver or forward this cheque to Manse Medical at your earliest convenience.

Postal Address for Medicare Cheques: Manse Medical, PO Box 604W Ballarat West, VIC 3350

Medicare Rebates

The quickest and easiest way to claim your Medicare rebate is at Manse Medical, straight after you pay. This is done electronically via Medicare Online, by our administration staff.

If using Medicare Online and you have registered your bank details with Medicare, the rebate will be deposited back into your bank account, usually within 48 hours.

If you have not registered your bank details with Medicare, they will send you a letter explaining you have a claim and need to register with them.  To register or update your bank details visit the Service Australia website.

For certain services, we will charge Medicare under your name, and in these cases a cheque will be sent to you but is addressed to your Consulting Doctor. You will need to forward this cheque to our Practice at your earliest convenience. Please forward this cheque to Manse Medical, PO Box 604W Ballarat West, VIC 3350 or deliver to one of our consulting locations during a time when it is open.

Private Health Insurance

We do not offer HICAPS as health insurance companies do not routinely cover specialist consultations, breathing tests or home sleep studies.  You can check whether you are covered by contacting your insurer with your receipt from Manse Medical.

Sleep Studies
Private Health Insurance may cover an overnight sleep study performed in a hospital. Our administration staff can provide the information you will need to give your health insurer to determine your level of cover.  Due to privacy restraints, we are unable to determine this directly with your insurer.

Some health insurance funds may pay a rebate towards the cost of your CPAP machine or other therapeutic devices. This is dependent on your level of cover, and the amount contributed varies between health insurers. Some health funds also contribute to the cost of masks and other equipment. Manse Medical will provide you with a detailed receipt for any purchases, which you can provide to your fund to obtain any reimbursement they offer.

You may be required to provide documentation in the form of a letter of recommendation from your sleep specialist. Our administration team can assist you with this.

We also advise that you check with your health insurance to get an accurate and up to date quote for any reimbursement they will provide.

Common Billing Terms:

Full Fee

The total fee for a service, paid by the patient prior to receiving the Medicare rebate for the medical service.

Gap Payment

A payment, also referred to as an out-of-pocket expense, by the patient, who pays the difference between the fee for the medical service, and the amount that is paid by Medicare.

Note: If the patient pays the gap only for their medical service, they will have an outstanding balance on their account. They will receive a Medicare cheque in the post which they must forward to the physician who provided the service to settle the remaining amount owed on their account. The patient remains liable for payment of this amount until settled by Medicare.

Medicare Rebate

Medicare operates by paying a specified benefit (in the form of a rebate) for a health or medical service for which a claim is submitted.  The level of Medicare benefit is set by Medicare, and rebates are dependent on meeting the conditions set by Medicare. Patients who pay in full on or before their medical service is provided usually receive this rebate promptly from Medicare.

Referral Letter

A referral is a letter from your doctor to our specialists and services at Manse Medical requesting the provision of a service. Most referrals are from GPs to specialists and last for 12 months. A specialist-to-specialist referral letter lasts 3 months. If you have a valid referral letter, Medicare should cover part of the costs for tests or treatment. If you do not have a valid referral at the time of your appointment, you will need to cover the full cost of the treatment.

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