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Manse Medical offers Cardiopulmonary Testing. This procedure is a valuable test to both evaluate cardiac and pulmonary function from a medical perspective. The test can also be used to assess an athlete’s cardiac ability and thus inform training techniques.

In the majority of cases enough information can be obtained from lung function tests when patients perform them at rest. It is occasionally important to measure lung and heart function under the stress of exercise because some problems only show up during exercise.

Indications for comprehensive cardiopulmonary testing include:

  1. Evaluation of dyspnea
  2. Functional status determination in congestive heart failure
  3. Pre-operative risk assessment
  4. Disability determination
  5. Response to therapeutic interventions
  6. Development of exercise prescriptions

The test is performed on a bicycle. During the test the workload is gradually increased. Measurements are made including the amount of oxygen used, carbon dioxide produced by the body, the total amount of air breathed in and out, together with the heart and breathing rate. Breathing is measured through a mouthpiece. Most people are able to pedal for 10 to 15 minutes whilst others can last for half an hour.

While the exercise component of the test only lasts approximately 10 minutes, an hour is set a side to complete this test. This includes setting the patient up for the test.

Patients are asked to:

  • Wear comfortable clothing for exercise
  • Stop using reliever puffers for 6 hours prior to test
  • Stop using preventer puffers for 12 hours prior to test
  • Avoid having a heavy meal 3 hours before the test
  • Avoid smoking 4 hours prior to test

This information is intended as a guide only. Information specific to you as an individual should be sought from your family doctor or respiratory specialist.

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