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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. Please reach out to us via email, phone or the enquiries form if you can’t find the answer below.

Do I need a referral?

Yes. As Manse Medical is a sleep and respiratory specialist clinic, all appointments require a referral from your GP in order for you to receive the Medicare rebate. Click here to download one from our website and give it to your GP to fill out.

Can I use my private health insurance?

Yes and no. If you require an in-hospital sleep study, then depending on the level of your cover, your health insurance can contribute to the expense. However, health insurance does not cover consultations or lung function tests.

Is the practice bulk-billing?

No. We are a private-billing medical practice that provides high-quality respiratory and sleep services. This means all consultations are time-based and attract a fee. Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash, credit card, EFTPOS. The AMA fee structure forms the basis of our billing policy and the specialists charge the fees that reflect the time taken and the degree of complexity in each consultation. Our practice understands some people may be facing financial hardship and have the discretion to bulk bill when there is a bona fide financial need.

Is there a cost for rescheduling?

No. We do ask patients to give us 48 hours advance notice if possible so we can offer the time slot to another patient needing to see a specialist.

Do you have after-hours care?

No. The specialists are only available during our office hours.

Are sleep studies conducted at the Manse clinic?

If you are referred for an attended Level-1 sleep study, you will be admitted to one of Manse Medical’s sleep clinics or a hospital. The sleep technologists will be with you throughout the process, providing education and the setup for the overnight sleep study.

If you are referred for a Level-2 sleep study, this form of test is generally provided from our consulting practice locations.

Do you see children too?

Yes. We offer consultations, sleep studies and lung function testing to young adolescents on a case-to-case basis. Primary school ages children would need to seek a paediatrician that specialises in respiratory and sleep medicine.

Is there parking on site?

Yes. All locations have on-street free car parking, with the exception of Geelong, as parking is provided by the hospital and may incur a fee.

What is the waiting time for an appointment?

The general waiting time for an appointment is between 1-2 weeks. Your health is important to us, so in cases where you may need to see a specialist earlier, please let your GP know at the time of booking that a rapid referral is required.

Do you provide Telehealth services?


Do you provide NDIS services?