4 tips for the perfect nap

Napping is not inherently bad for you. Nor is it inherently good.

It's how you nap that makes the difference.

In this article, we've compiled four pieces of sleep advice to make sure your next nap is the best it can be.

1. Nap in the right space

You may not always have a bed available, but if you're going to take a nap, try and do it in a space that's conducive to good sleep; cool, dark and quiet.

The better the space, the better the nap and the more effective it will be.

2. Nap intentionally

Don't just fall into a nap aimlessly or out of laziness. Be deliberate. Decide that you're going to nap, think about what your intentions are for the nap, and then do it.

It can also be helpful practice some relaxation exercises to let go of stress & anxiety and help you fall asleep more quickly.

3. Don't nap too long

Especially if your feeling tired, the prospect of a 1-2 hour nap can be very tempting... but try to resist the urge. Studies have shown the the optimal nap time for most adults is actually 10-20 minutes.

It may not seem like long enough, but even that little bit of shut-eye can push back the brain fog and help you to feel alert and productive.

4. Don't nap too late

If you're going to nap, do it. Don't keep pushing it back. The later in the day you nap, the more likely it will disrupt your sleep quality, making you feel tired the next day (this can very quickly become a cycle).

The sweet spot is somewhere in the early afternoon, halfway between when you wake up and when you go to sleep.

We hope this tips will be helpful for you; remember to use them next time you nap.

Nap well, live well.

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