Advice for adjusting to CPAP

CPAP is a wonderful treatment option which significantly improves sleep quality and has an incredible effect on quality of life.

However, adjusting to the machine can be a really difficult process, with as many as one in five people quitting within the first few years.

To make that adjustment process easier, here are some tips for getting used to your CPAP machine.

1. Wear your CPAP mask as you wind down

If you're not used to having a CPAP mask on your face, it can be really difficult to try and sleep with one.

To make it easier, try wearing your mask for a few minutes before bed, building up to doing so for half an hour. You can do so while reading a book or watching TV in the evening.

This will make it feel much more natural as you try to sleep while wearing one.

2. Use the machine in stages

It's ok if you can't use the CPAP machine for a full night when you first start. Build up to that over time.

Start by using it for just a few hours, adding more time every few nights until you're able to sleep with the machine for full night.

This can take some time, but stick with it, and record your progress so you can see how far you've come.

3. Persevere

It's completely normal to find CPAP difficult, but the key is not give up.

The persistent tiredness, mental fog and emotional instability that often accompany disorders like sleep apnea, can be drastically reduced by CPAP.

The benefits it brings are well worth the effort to stick with it, even if it might not feel like it at times.

4. Talk to an expert

At the end of the day, if you're having trouble with your CPAP machine, we're here to help.

Talk through your issues with one of our sleep technologists or CPAP specialists so that we can help set you on the path to better sleep.

Book an appointment with your GP and get in touch with us today.

Sleep well, live well.

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