My friend has a sleeping "gift" ???

Q. My friend falls asleep ALL the time, anywhere and everywhere. He calls it a "gift" but should I be worried?

A. Excessive daytime sleepiness can be a sign that someone is either not receiving a sufficient QUANTITY of sleep, or there is a serious issue with the QUALITY of sleep.

Quality of sleep can be impacted by a primary sleep disorder; and there are quite a few to consider – narcolepsy, sleep apnea, limb movement disorders, circadian rhythm disorders, night terrors, etc. A sleep study is needed to help sort out the exact reason.

In terms of quantity of sleep, the average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep to function optimally during the daytime. So give yourself enough time in bed to achieve the most of this.

Sleep hygiene is also critical. This involves engaging in habits that promote good quality sleep, including keeping consistent sleep-wake times, avoiding daytime naps and limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption.

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