The link between Sleep Apnea and Diabetes

Sleep apnea and diabetes are two disorders which often occur together. Some studies suggest as often as 50-80% of the time.

Both disease are strongly linked to obesity, so its difficult to know for sure whether they are linked directly or merely occur as an effect of being overweight.

Regardless, there is still strong correlation between the two.

Here are three examples.

1. Both cause poor sleep.

People who suffer from diabetes and sleep apnea both report lower sleep quality. Because of the overlap between the two illnesses, there's a possibility this is just a result of sleep apnea.

However, those who suffer from diabetes also experience dry mouth and a frequent need to urinate overnight which can disturb sleep.

2. Effects of decreased blood oxygen

People who experience sleep apnea will stop breathing at multiple points during the night as a result of the collapse of soft tissue around the throat.

Because of this, the level of oxygen in their body decreases which can in turn lead to increased insulin resistance and glucose intolerance, potentially culminating in diabetes.

3. Both are often undiagnosed

Both diseases are two of the most commonly undiagnosed illnesses. This is because the symptoms they generate (mainly tiredness and fatigue) aren't considered important enough to take to the doctor.

This is an attitude that needs to change.

It's not normal to feel tired. It's not normal to feel fatigued.

If you are experiencing sleepiness or sleeplessness on a regular basis, you need to speak to a doctor. Book an appointment with your GP and get in touch with us.

Don't wait for it to get out of hand.

Sleep well, live well.

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