What is 'Restless Legs Syndrome'?

'Restless Legs Syndrome' (RLS) is a lesser known sleep disorder that affects up to 10% of the population.

It's a neurological condition that causes a tingling or restless sensation in the legs when you are relaxed. This can make it really difficult to get to sleep and stay that way.

What causes RLS?

There is no definite cause of RLS, however evidence suggest that it is linked to a variety of medical conditions like kidney disease, iron deficiency and diabetes.

Wha are the symptoms of RLS?

The main symptom, as the name suggests, is a restlessness of the legs, and a strong urge to move or shift to try and relieve the sensation. It can also cause abnormal leg movements when trying to keep still.

The symptoms will often worsen in the evening, or while relaxing.

How is RLS treated?

One of the most effective ways of treating RLS is through general improvements to your overall health. Things like maintaining good sleep hygiene, reducing alcohol and caffeine intake, and increasing physical activity have all been proven to relieve RLS symptoms.

But if symptoms persist, then you need to speak to a doctor. Book an appointment with your GP and get in touch with us so we can help you to sleep well.

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