Respiratory Testing Services: Get a Respiratory Test  


​Looking for respiratory testing services? Respiratory function tests are designed to test how well your lungs are working. Learn more about our respiratory testing services below:

What Types of Respiratory Testing Services are There?

The purpose of a lung functions test, also known as a pulmonary test, is to determine how well your lungs and airways operate by measuring the amount of air you breathe in and breathe out. 


At Manse Medical, our respiratory testing service includes a range of lung function tests that measure the functionality of the lungs. These options include: 


This test requires the patient to breathe into a device called a spirometer. Typically, this involves taking a breath in as big as they can and breathing out as hard and fast as possible. A spirometry test is usually performed while seated at least 3 times and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. 

DLCO Gas Transfer 

This test involves taking a deep breath in, holding the breath for approximately 10 seconds, and then breathing the air out. 


Lung Volume 

A lung volume test is conducted at our centre with the patient seated in an airtight chamber, known as a body box. Our respiratory specialist communicates with the patient through an intercom, instructing them on how to breathe during the test. 


Bronchial Provocation Test

Bronchial Provocation Tests are particularly useful in the diagnosis of asthma by mimicking the process where you’re exposed to potential triggers. This requires the patient to inhale a powder called Mannitol and perform spirometry after each dose. Lung function will be assessed after each dose is administered to measure if any changes have occurred. 

6 Minute Walk Test

During this test, patients walk at a normal pace for six minutes, where our specialists monitor the response to any potential lung, heart and other health issues. 


What Do You Need to Know Prior to Your Respiratory Test? 

Part of the respiratory testing requires us to measure the effects of bronchodilator medication. Please ensure you obtain your doctor’s permission to withhold this medication prior to your visit to the centre. 


Additionally do not use the following medications prior to your test: 


4 Hours Prior Visiting our Centre: 


  • Airomir

  • Asmol 

  • Atrovent 

  • Bricanyl 

  • Ventolin


12 Hours Prior Visiting our Centre:


  • Alvesco 

  • Anoro 

  • Breo 

  • Bretaris 

  • Brimica 

  • Flixotide

  • Flutiform 

  • Incruse 

  • Onbrez 

  • Oxis 

  • Seebri 

  • Seretide 

  • Serevent 

  • Spiolto 

  • Spiriva

  • Symbicort 

  • Ultibro  


Key Symptoms and Diagnosis 


Common symptoms of respiratory disease are:

  • Coughing

  • Shortness of breath

  • Wheezing

  • Chest pain

If you experience any of these symptoms over a period of time, it is essential that you book a medical assessment at our centre. However, chest pains and discomfort, particularly over prolonged periods, require urgent assessment in an emergency department. 

Conditions requiring respiratory testing services range from allergic disorders such as asthma and hayfever and lung diseases caused by smoking, lung infections, inflammation and lung cancer. Lastly, other diagnoses may include chronic lung infections, inflammatory reactions, and asbestos-related respiratory problems. 

Medical testing at a respiratory clinic is required to receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. 


Manse Medical is the premier respiratory and sleep medical centre in Western Victoria and South-East South Australia. We aim to provide the highest level of care for patients with respiratory and sleep disorders. 

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