Saying goodbye to Manse Medical Hamilton

To All Healthcare Providers & Patients of Hamilton and Surrounding Communities

It is time for Manse Medical Hamilton to say goodbye.  

We would like to inform you about some important changes happening within Manse Medical that will affect our services in the Hamilton area where Manse Medical will be closing our consulting practice on Lonsdale Street, Hamilton. Manse Medical Hamilton has been a source of specialist care and support to the community from this location for more than 15 years, so it’s with some sadness that we anticipate our upcoming Hamilton office closure on Thursday, December 14 2023. 

The decision to close our practice has been prompted by Dr. Andrew Bradbeer’s choice to be closer to his family and relocate to Melbourne after many years of dedicated service to our community. This difficult decision has led us to this point, but we want to assure you that while our consulting practice may be closing its doors, Manse Medical remains committed to supporting Hamilton and the surrounding areas and has worked with Western District Health Services (WDHS) to ensure that a local respiratory and sleep medicine specialist service continues.  

We understand that our services have been essential to many in our community, and we would like to outline our plans for ensuring continued care: 

Consultations: Manse Medical will still accept referrals for patients needing specialist sleep and respiratory services. Private physician consultations will be available through Telehealth or in-person consultations from our Ballarat or Warrnambool locations.  

Additionally, Dr. Mohammad Touhidi and Dr. Shahab Makki will be available to see patients at the public WDHS Outpatient clinic and will continue to provide, and further develop, local specialist services from that location.  We are excited to be able to support them in this new service.  

Sleep Diagnostics: The sleep lab at WDHS will continue to operate to ensure this service remains a part of the Hamilton community.  We do not have a base for home sleep studies in Hamilton at this stage, but we are interested in discussing this further with you if you think this would be something that you would like to integrate into your own practice.  

CPAP Therapy: We will continue to provide CPAP Therapy provision through our Ballarat and Warrnambool locations. We are actively developing a pathway for patients to access this service remotely, minimising travel time and costs. 

Lung Function Testing: Manse Medical will continue to provide comprehensive lung function testing services in several other locations and will work with WDHS to ensure that respiratory diagnostic testing is available to support the outpatient consulting of Drs Touhidi and Makki.   

We want to express our deepest gratitude for working with us to serve this community over the years. Your trust and support have meant the world to us. We remain committed to our patient’s and healthcare colleagues’ well-being and will continue to support your healthcare needs as best as we can. 

Thank you for being part of the Manse Medical community, and we wish you all the best in your health and future endeavors.