Sleep Services

Manse Medical offer both attended Level-1 Sleep Studies, which are the most comprehensive standard available, as well Level-2 Home Sleep Testing.
Attended Level-1 Sleep Studies

If you are referred for an attended Level-1 sleep study, you will stay overnight in a sleep centre or hospital, where trained Sleep Technologists will record and analyse your sleep. When you have a sleep study that is attended with a Technologist performing the test, there is minimal chance of misdiagnosing a sleep disorder or having a “failed” test.

Attended sleep studies record up to 16 different signals, allowing our physicians to assess every physiological aspect of your sleep.

Attended sleep studies also allow therapy implementation under the guidance of trained staff, which is the gold standard practice for patients requiring Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy. Implementation of CPAP is called a CPAP titration sleep study, where throughout the night your Sleep Technologist determines the exact level of CPAP that is required, specific to your disorder.

Other advantages include digital video recording for assistance in positional disorders, parasomnias and leg movement disorder detection.

Level-2 Home Sleep Tests

There are many different “levels” of home sleep tests available these days. The most common, typically performed by pharmacies, is a Level-3 study which has limited channels for recording EEG, focusing mainly on breathing and oxygen levels. Level-4 studies typically only record breathing and oxygen saturation. These limited channel home sleep tests tend to dramatically under-diagnose sleep disorders and have a relatively high failure rate.

Manse Medical only offer the highest level of home sleep testing (Level-2), measuring EEG, EOG, EMG, leg movements, effort of breathing, nasal airflow, snoring, ECG and oxygen levels.

However, the home sleep test is not for everyone. If you are suspected of having moderate-to-severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), then a home sleep test may be appropriate for confirming this diagnosis. If your severity of OSA is predicted to be lower than this, if you are being investigated for any other sleep disorder or if you have a complex medical history, then a home sleep test is often not appropriate and an attended Level -1 sleep study should be recommended.