“Sleep Well, Live Well” says Australia

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What is the biggest barrier people face to leading a healthy lifestyle?Poor eating habits? No regular exercise? The complete absence of motivation?Well according to a recent study by PwC’s Health Research Institute, the main issue for Australians is sleep (or lack thereof). More than a third of Aussie respondents stated that not being able to get a good night’s sleep was the biggest concern they had for their health.And this is understandable. As more research comes out, the importance of getting a full night of rest is becoming increasingly vital. The short term effects of sleep deprivation include mood swings, sadness, and an inability to remember things, but if left untreated in the long term, it can lead to stroke, diabetes, and heart disease.So while it’s good that sleep deprivation is being acknowledged for the issue that it is, it’s still alarming that almost 40% of Australians aren’t getting the hours of rest they need.Sorting out sleeping disorders isn’t just a novelty or a luxury, it’s a necessity. When someone comes to Sleep Health Group looking for treatment for their sleep disorder, be it snoring, sleep apnea or whatever else, the outcome isn’t merely the improvements to their quality of life. It’s also the avoidance of life-threatening issues that could have stemmed from the disorder.Sleep is just as important to a healthy life as diet and exercise, and sleep disorders require treatment just like any other illness.If you, or someone you know, has trouble sleeping, then please talk to your GP, and get in touch with us to find out how we may be able to help.

Sleep Well – Live WellThis article from The Age contains further reading on the study referred to above: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/australians-cite-lack-of-sleep-as-leading-barrier-to-healthy-lifestyle-20190929-p52vwv.html This blog post is from Keystone Medical Media, a sub-entity of Keystone Content.