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Man with Vyntus SPIRO PC Spirometer


This test measures how much and how quickly air can be moved in and out of the lungs. It also measures the reversibility of airway disease by testing the bronchial response and hyperactivity of the airways. The test involves breathing into a device called a spirometer. This is usually performed while seated and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

The patient is instructed to take a breath in as big as they can, then breathe it out as hard and as fast as they can. The patient must try to blow out for at least six seconds if possible and try to give their best effort. This needs to be performed at least three times. Patients are then given a bronchial reliever, wait five minutes, then repeat the test. This allows the physician to assess if there is any airway reversibility. Prior to spirometry your doctor may ask you to withhold certain medications.

This information is intended as a guide only. Information specific to you as an individual should be sought from your family doctor or respiratory specialist.

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