What’s the best pillow to sleep on?

What’s the best pillow to sleep on?

Bad pillows can ruin a good night’s sleep. We toss and turn, unable to get comfortable until we manage to find a replacement, or finally succumb to the tiredness.

If you’re someone who regularly experiences poor sleep, getting a new pillow could be the right move to make!

But it’s unlikely.

If you find your pillow uncomfortable, then by all means change it. But our bedding is rarely the cause of the sleep disruptions that so many Australians experience.

A life of good sleep requires the sort of lifestyle that makes it possible. And often that requires changes to how we live, not just a new pillow.

These sleep-promoting lifestyle changes include:

– Restricting screens in the bedroom
– Maintaining a bedtime routine
– Avoiding caffeine in the afternoon
– Having a dark, cool, quiet bedroom
– Healthy exercise and diet habits

If your pillow gives you grief, then buy a new one. This list from the Sleep Foundation is a good place to start looking: www.sleepfoundation.org/best-pillows

But if you really want to start sleeping better, and experience the life of happiness, focus and increased energy that comes with that, speak to a professional.

Book an appointment with your GP, and get in touch with us. We’d love to help you get on the right track to a life of good sleep.

Sleep well, live well.