Here are 4 tips to help women manage their asthma

Asthma doesn't affect all people equally.

As children, more boys have asthma than girls, but in adulthood the ratio flips.

For a lot of women, asthma can be triggered at times of hormonal change, which is why puberty is often the time women will develop asthma.

All asthmatics need a clear asthma management plan, and this is especially true for women since, unfortunately, there is more to women's asthma than higher numbers.

Some of these factors are:

  • Women are actually more at risk of asthma attacks, and are hospitalized for asthma more often than men.

  • Women who develop asthma after menopause will often have a more severe version of the disease which is harder to control.

  • Women's lung function declines with age, faster than men's.

  • Women over 65 are the group most at risk of a fatal asthma attack.

Additionally while all asthmatics have the same basic triggers like smoke, stress and allergies, women's asthma can also flare up from hormonal changes like periods and pregnancy. The effects of these triggers are also more severe for women than men.

With these factors in mind, here are four key things women should be doing to manage their asthma well:

  1. Book an annual asthma review with your GP. Make sure your symptoms are under control and that your doctor is helping you manage things.

  2. Take your preventer medicine every day. This significantly lowers the risk of asthma flaring up during the day.

  3. Keep a symptom diary. This can help you see whether your symptoms worsen during your period or times of emotional stress.

  4. Stay healthy. Make sure you're eating well and getting enough exercise. Being overweight increases the risk of a fatal asthma attack.

We hope this information helps you to understand your asthma better, and allows you to manage it well.

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